is Down or Gone - Either Way, I'm Happy

You may have seen the "legends" site before. Well, I read today that it appears to be gone, or down. I can't tell. Either way, though, I'm happy. Look, there are people I know that are way smarter than me, but you'll never hear of them because they don't write books or articles or speak at conferences. Their knowledge on certain subjects just blows my mind. I also don't mind people taking pride in learning and self-education. Furthermore, I don't mind people trying to toot their own horn - hell, that's one aspect of blogging. But this site went too far. My biggest beef with it was: Who determined who was a "legend"?

I'm not criticizing the individuals that were featured on that site; I'm criticizing the concept. I just hope it stays down (although I hope this site stays up!).

* Posted at 12.16.2004 12:12:39 PM CST | Link *

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