2008 Can't Come Soon Enough

While I got a little riled during the last election, I really try to stay away from politics. No matter what side of the fence you're on, to me politics is ugly, dirty, and just plain crappy. However, I'll admit that I'm not very happy with the current administration [1]. Now I see this, and setting aside all the counter-claims to the authenticity of the documents and what-not, I'm becoming pretty convinced that a lot of what we did in Iraq was done for spurious reasons. I think our country is heading in a direction that will be very hard to change as time rolls on, and I don't like these changes. Now I have to figure out on my own what I should do about it.

[1] Note that I never said I hate Republicans, or Christians (which Bush has clearly stated he is), or anything like that.

* Posted at 06.20.2005 12:25:48 PM CST | Link *

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