Bachelor Weekend

Liz and Hayden are gone this weekend to visit a friend, so I have free reign of the house. Tonight I'm opening a bottle of wine, watching a movie and then I'll watch tonight's episode of "Battlestar Galatica" that I'm recording right now (I love DVRs - zoom through all the commercials!). Tomorrow morning I'll get some chores/cleaning done, play the drums and other assorted musical instruments, read...and by early evening I'm going to a friend's house to play poker (and possibly get very inebriated - depends on my mood :) ). Sunday I'm going to code, read, relax and wait for Liz and Hayden to come back. I like having this free time, but I really miss them too. I don't know how my dad traveled so much when I was younger. I know it wasn't because he didn't like his family; it was part of his job being a national sales manager. But, man, when I don't see my family for more than a kind of bites. Oh, well - time to enjoy being a bachelor for a couple of days.

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