Speaking of the Images Property

Yesterday I mentioned some issues I had with WinRes. Well, I forgot to complain about the Image Collection Editor dialog box that pops up when you want to change the value of the Images property of an ImageList object. Here it is:

Now, can you tell me what those images are? I have to stare at it for a second or two before I realize they're a word balloon, a hat, and a bell.

Believe me, the image resolution becomes very important when you're trying to change the images for a different culture. Since the application expects the images to be at a certain index, I can't screw the order up (which also reminds me of another nit: I wish this dialog window had a Replace button so I could easily replace the image highlighted in the list with another). I have to go through the code and figure out, ah, the image at index 3 is the image for the Enter key, remove the current image, add the new one, and move it up at index 3 (not screwing anything up in this sequence, either).

It would be so nice if the dialog window would display the image full-sized if you double-clicked on it. Or, add a region under the Properties grid that would give a bigger preview of the image currently selected. But, unfortunately, this is where things stand today. I also checked VS .NET 2005 (Beta 1), and it's the same exact window.

Sigh...oh, well...

* Posted at 12.22.2004 12:57:00 PM CST | Link *

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