Pictures and Experiences From Code Camp II

Code Camp II is done. I did my WinForm styling presentation in a very small room with about 30 people - yeah, it got quite warm in there, but it was fun. Overall I think the 2-day event was well-received by everyone (although they did run out of coffee - d'oh!). It was also fun to meet people like Sam, Robert, Carl, and Richard (among many others). I have some pictures and a video of the event - some are straightforward, and some are...odd. Here we go!

Blogging the night before the show...

Richard doing his thing...

Sam, looking at his slides intently

Resting Saturday night drinking away (and check out the leather pants!)

The best swag I got at the event

Finally, this ZIP file contains a clip of Sam talking about a dating rule for his daughter. I have a feeling it's not going to come true, though!

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