I just got back from seeing a cheesy, dumb, some disturbing at times, and very violent movie called "Aliens Vs. Predator: Requiem."

I had a blast.

It's stupid. It won't make you think. If you've seen the first two Alien movies or the first Predator movie, you've seen this all before. And nothing in this movie makes any sense (just how fast did it take for the PredAlien to become full-size? 2 seconds?!). That's OK. I didn't care. I went in expecting dumb, and I got that with nice special effects. Plus, I got free popcorn. What else could I ask for on from a Tuesday matinee?

I was kind of surprised that the story went after children they way they did. Frankly, it makes sense for the aliens not to give a rat's ass who is the host or its meal, but usually movies never show violence against children.

Oh, and the PredAlien was impressive. Stupid abilities, but impressive and damn scary. Hell, if a normal alien charged after me I think I'd die immediately from shitting my pants in a fatally violent manner - I don't need a combination of a Predator and an alien to mess up my afternoon.

This one won't make my top 10 list, but I was entertained!

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