"Broken Flowers"

I rented that movie last night. Excellent, excellent, movie. I really liked the friendship Don had with Winston (Winston was a great character). In fact, the movie had all sorts of strange, interesting characters. The first woman he checks out to see if she's the mother of his child (Don, played by Bill Murray, gets a letter at the beginning of the movie from someone who says he's the father of her son, but there's no return address or name) has a daughter named Lolita, and...well, she kind of fits the stereotype of that name. The other characters have their quirks as well, but the movie doesn't rely on the quirks; rather, it's the interaction with all of the characters that make the movie a joy to watch. Of course, I had a number of glasses of wine while I watched the movie, but I'm sure that didn't color my perceptions :).

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