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I took down a couple of pages from the site. The Hayden page is gone, because I have two sons now and I'm too lazy to update the page. The mixed bag page is gone, because I was didn't want it out there again, and the links page is gone, because link pages are so mid- to late-90s. Once Silverlight 2.0 comes on to the scene I plan on using that to create...well, not a web page, but my personal application (or whatever it'll evolve into). I've said it before: I have no desire to invest time into CSS and HTML and JavaScript all the crap you have to deal with when browser compatiability comes into play (I've dealt with that enough at my day job and I don't want that pain at night). I want a real application host to program against, not a browser and its DOM.

* Posted at 01.08.2008 08:01:02 PM CST | Link *

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