Delaying the Inevitable

I haven't posted in a while, primarily due to the fact that I haven't had FTP access at the client site for a while. Now I do, but I have to make my posts a much less manual process. I've also been purposely relaxing for the last month - I really haven't done much of anything when I go home other than golfing, running, working out, or drinking wine (a new hobby of mine). I was getting tired of coming home and working on miscellaneous activities until late at night. However, I really need to get my site updated and add a tool to do blogging in a much easier fashion. I've just been...delaying the inevitable.

I'm also going into the review phase of my next book, "Applied .NET Attributes." It's not up on Apress's site yet, but it should be soon. The release date is somewhere in August or early September. It's all on the wonders of metadata programming in .NET. It's a short, sweet, to-the-point book - I mean, c'mon, you really can't write a 1000 page book on attributes!

The current on-site project has been interesting. They really want to move to an agile-like development process, so we've been setting up NUnit, Nant, CVS, etc. for automated builds and unit testing. I've seen other bloggers talk about these tools lately, and it's really cool to see the .NET community move towards these practices. I'd like to integrate FxCop (the new build rocks!) and PEVerify into to build process as well. That would push the verification levels up another notch or two.

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