No, Jeremy Roenick, Kiss My Ass

What an asshat. I see this hockey player telling people to kiss his ass because he's so hurt that people have called him spoiled and that he doesn't want those people to come to the arena. What a moron. I've been to one hockey game in my life (a Milwaukee Admirals game 14 years ago) and now I plan on never attending on. It's not so much hockey in specific; it's the attitudes of sports athelets in general [1]. They make millions of dollars, which I don't blame them for. Hell, if someone would offer me millions of dollars to write code every year, I'd take it. But then I hear statements like what Jeremy said on ESPN's SC this morning and that motivates me even more to keep my butt out of any sports arena for the rest of my life.

[1] To be fair, there are players who are not asshats who contribute to the community and just do their job. Unfortunately, they seem to be a dying breed.

* Posted at 06.27.2005 08:09:36 AM CST | Link *

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