Ryan's Freaking Me Out

Lately I've noticed that Ryan seems to have a pretty good vocabulary. For example, right now I'm downstairs and I can hear him saying, "I want to go downstairs like a big boy." That's an 9-word sentence for a kid who just turned 2 a couple of weeks ago. He can also count to 5 (and sometimes higher than that) and he can say his ABCs. He's already asking "why?" questions. Like last night, Ryan and I were getting dinner and when we were parked in the drive thru, he said, "why are the fans off?" I didn't understand the question...until I looked in the restaurant and I saw that, yes, there were fans on the ceiling, and they were off.

We've talked to a couple of people that know child development and they've said it's pretty unusual for someone his age to know the stuff he does. We're not looking at doing anything different with him right now, but if he keeps going this way, we want to make sure his learning keeps progressing.

And yes, I know this sounds like I'm bragging about Ryan, but...well, yes, I am! Hayden's a pretty bright kid too, and they are my kids, so of course I'm going to be proud of both of them :).

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