I'm Going Back to Cali...to Cali...to Cali...

I'm leaving Sunday for California for 2 weeks straight. It'll be nice as Liz will be coming out to visit for a while when I'm there. The next two weeks are critical to getting the application finish; while we've had the back-end stuff pretty much operational for a while, the UI design is still being finalized. Fortunately, we got a web developer on the project who's supposed to be pretty good with layouts and other skills that I've tended to shy away from. I can make UIs look good, but making rocking web sites just ain't my thing.

I actually got some writing done Monday night. But then for some odd reason I got obsessed Tuesday night and stayed up installing new software, updating my system, and working on my taxes. At least now my taxes are 98% done - just need to send in one form to the government and I'm through.

I also need to spend some time writing a weblogging tool for my site. Yes, I know there are a bunch of them out there, but it'll be good programming exercise for me. Plus, writing a weblog by hand is tedious at best - I need a tool!

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