Where Can I Sign Up?

Occasionally I get solicited by recuiters to consider other offers. Usually I say, "no, I'm not interested", and I quickly add on, "nor do I know of anyone who is looking." That usually ends the convesation. Recently I got an offer for a developer position. Check out these skill requirements:

1. SQL. Data base is SQL 2000.
2. VB/VBA/VBScript. We use Visual Basic 6 for our principal programming language.
3. ASP/CSS/HTML. Majority of our web based programs use ASP to build web reports.
4. Stored Procedures. Ability to create and edit stored procedures is a must.
5. Triggers. Ability to create and work with Triggers is a must.
6. Crystal Reports. Experience with Crystal not required but extremely helpful.

SQL 2000? I've heard of SQL Server 2000, but never SQL 2000. And they use VB6 as their principal programming language?

I think I'll stick with my current employer.

* Posted at 02.01.2007 07:36:21 AM CST | Link *

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