Quixo .NET 0.1

Well, I think I have the game in a state that I can release it as a 0.1 version. You can get the binaries here. Note that I'm not posting the source code just yet (although feel free to whack-a-mole the binaries to your heart's desire with Reflector if you're insanely curious) because there's a lot of changes I need to do under the covers. I think I have the core parts working, but the UI interaction with the framework is really lacking and...well, there's more welding and sanding that needs to occur before I post the source.

So far, the game looks like this:

Quixo Game

The rules of the game can be found here - I have this link from the About window as well. The main window is resizable and the board faithfully streches along with it so you can play the game with the window maximized and have a big, freaking board. Pieces that are outlines in yellow are ones that the current player can select. Once the source piece is selected, the source is outlined in red and the valid destination locations are outlined in yellow as the following screen shot demonstrates:

Quixo - Source Piece Selected

That's it so far. You can also play the computer, but the computer is pretty stupid right now. It randomly chooses valid source and destination locations, so if you lose against the computer...well, that's really sad! Also, note that if you save a game and reload it, it doesn't remember what game mode you were in; it just uses the mode you're currently in.

There's a lot on my TODO list with this, though - here's what I want to add in the future:

  • Allow the user to change the color of the board and pieces
  • Highlight the winning row(s)
  • Have a pluggable, configurable game engine so developers can create their own computer opponents.

Feel free to add your suggestions and/or bug reports as comments to this blog entry.

* Posted at 04.07.2005 09:34:10 AM CST | Link *

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