"...someone else not me..."

My in-laws are staying over until Friday [1], so I'm off XBox until then. I've been revisiting Queensryche's old discs lately, and I was listening to "Promised Land" tonight. This is (unfortunately) one of their overlooked works; it's actually one of their best discs (although things went downhill quickly afterwards for them). The disc came out the same year that my fiance from college ditched me for some other guy [2], and some of the songs are...well, not the most emotionally uplifting pieces you'll ever find. The title track and "Someone Else?" were (god, I hate to admit this) usually played over and over again to reinforce the misery (pretty sad, isn't it?). What's funny is I'm now listening to "Someone Else?" and the following lyric snippets have entirely different meanings:

...but I'm still standing,
stronger, proud.
And today I know there's
so much more I can be.

But one glance back reminds, and I see,
someone else not me.

Preach on, Ryche. As weird as it sounds, those lyrics hit me. Things are so different than what it was before, and while I know life is never easy, I know how to react and act to circumstances and situations in a construtive fashion. It is me 10 years ago, but it's also someone I really can't identify with either, and I think that's for the better.

[1] Man, does my father-in-law snore loud! I'm downstairs typing away, and he's sleeping upstairs, and I can hear him through the headphones. My god...

[2] A story for another time, if it's even worth revisiting at all ;). My life is so much better now - why dredge up events that I no longer revisit?

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