Busy Weekend

This weekend it was Ryan's turn to fight the flu. Yesterday was pretty bad, but he seems over it (his temp hit 103 yesterday but it's down to 97 today).

Since Ryan felt better today, I decided to do some yard work. We having neighbors build us a deck this summer, so I tore the sod up where the deck is going to be, added edging, and laid some garden tarp (or whatever it's called) to prevent stuff from growing back. I didn't get the rocks yet to lay on it as they have to drill the holes for the posts, but once they do that I'll cover it all with rock. It was hard work (those who do landscaping for a living, I have a lot of respect for you) but I got it all done. Next week we're going on vacation and I want to be able to enjoy it without having to do anything on it.

I have some pictures of the deck progress along with some great videos + pictures of the family. I have a talk to give on Tuesday - but I promise to have it up in a week or two.

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