Halo2 Saturday

Yesterday I played a fair amount of Halo2 online. I actually enjoyed it, primarily because I didn't plug my headset in. Not listening to kids drone on and on and talk trash makes the game a lot better. There are still a bunch of jerks online. In one game of assault (it was this one - I believe the guy was GINO66, but I could be wrong), I was on offense to start, and one guy on our team started grenading the hell out of our warthog and ghosts, and then leaves once he destroyed the warthog. People still leave games left and right, which I don't get at all. One thing I did discover is that staying in games works out in the end. I was in a game (this one) where two people quit and my team got thrashed, but I moved from a rank 9 to 10 after that game (see the next game for a rank comparison). So even though I lost, I still won - go figure.

Halo2 is really not that bad of a game. The hype a year ago was way too much. Now that it's a year old, I can appreciate the game for what it is and enjoy it for that. It's not an awe-inspiring game and it definitely has its share of cheaters, but it is fun.

* Posted at 12.11.2005 09:32:00 AM CST | Link *

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