Deleting Blogs

Lately I'm getting really tired of blogs. Just like anything else, technology lends itself to the hype machine, but I do think blogs have their place. However, I've really become tired of blogs that talk about their fights with ex-girlfriends, or their never-ending insights into programming, or their "reporting" on the "blogosphere" [1], get the picture. So, I'm doing what I always tell others about programs on TV: if you don't like what you watch, just turn it off. So...I'm deleting RSS subscriptions left and right. I still subscribe to a lot of blogs, but I'm getting pickier and pickier (most of those are based around cultural, religious, and scientific issues - techie/programming blogs bore the hell out of me). I'm sure there are those that have stopped reading my blog (if they ever read it), and that's fine - more power to 'em. As always, feel free to check out what I'm currently subscribed to - I update the

[1] Blogging has led itself to some of the worst, most idioic terms I've ever heard in technology circles. Seriously, c'mon, "blogosphere"??!! Give me a fracking break!

* Posted at 07.18.2005 11:31:34 PM CST | Link *

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