I finished this book this afternoon. Basically, it's the story...well, it's two main storylines, with a number of smaller stories that tie in as well. There's a man, George, who after his father dies learns of a sister that was given away to a secret society in Rome when he was a very young boy. There's a woman, Regina, who lived around 400 ACE, who discoverers early on in life that things do not always go as desired. Throughout the book, you eventually learn of the tie between them and the other subplots.

I enjoyed this book. Some of the reviews from other readers didn't like it, but I think it has to be read with the knowledge that there are two other books in this series. Baxter doesn't tie up all the plot lines; in fact, he does a "what-the-hell" ending that demands you read the next one right away (which I will start tonight). I can understand if someone read this book by itself and went, "ok, that was stupid ending." It's not a bad ending per-se; it's just one that goes in a direction I didn't quite expect, and it pretty much requires more books to keep the story going. The writing is decent, but if you think there isn't a point to all of it, keep reading until the end. I liked how Baxter pulls it off.

I am a bit concerned that Baxter won't finish up some of the other storylines (like the Kupier Anomaly), but I'm intriguied enough to start the second book. Usually when I read a series of fiction books, I'll plug other books in between just to vary it a bit, but not this time. I don't know why, but I like what I've read so far in this series (called Destiny's Children) and that's why I'm jumping right into "Exultant".

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