Day 6 as a iPhone/Mac Developer

Today was the first day I really hosed a Mac. I was making a selector, I was in the debugger, I right-clicked on the variable, and I said something like "Open in Window". The Mac locked up, badly. I thought that was impossible to do on a Mac :).

I'm adding in some threading/asynch code. The problem I'm having now is calling detachNewThreadSelector against a target that's a class-level method. In other words, I have a method like this:

+ (void)backgroundWork:(id)data
   // ...

So I tried calling it like this:

CustomStuff *myData = /* initialize */;
[NSThread detachNewThreadSelector:@selector(backgroundWork:)

Notice that I use nil for toTarget, since backgroundWork is class-level. This compiles, but backgroundWork is never invoked. I'd like to not have create an object just to run a method on a different thread, but I can't figure this out. I ended up making the method an instance method but it would be nice to figure this problem out.

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