Vapid Post: Brittney? Fat?!

So I go to today on a random whim, and there's this article about Brittney's recent "performance" on some award show. Now, I could care less about her. Never got into the music. But I saw this article talking about how people said she looked "fat" in the outfit she was in, and I had to check it out [1].

Excuse my language, but you have to be fucking kidding me.

She ain't fat. She may be out of her mind and have no musical talent, but fat she's not. If I wasn't married and I met someone that looked like her and wanted to date me, the last thing I'd think is, "wow, she's huge."

No wonder people in this country have such twisted body perceptions.

[1] Just to read the article, not to look at any pictures. Really.

* Posted at 09.11.2007 09:50:15 AM CST | Link *

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