Beer As Motivation

Today was the last today of the iteration to close out stories (tomorrow is defect-attack day). I've been working on a story all week that ended up being a lot more work than what was originally estimated, so the UI work got pushed to the next iteration. I still had serious doubts that I was going to get all the non-UI stuff in place, so my boss "challenged" me: if I finished the stories, he'd give me a case of Newcastle.

Guess what I'm drinking tomorrow.

Now, here's the thing. I actually felt kind of bad "winning" the beer. To me, it was a two-edged sword: if I didn't finish, then I wouldn't get the beer. But if I finished, then I wondered, "what if they think I don't really kick it in unless I get beer?" Like I was slacking unless I got a reward. But then someone told me that it didn't matter if it was beer; it was the fact that someone challenged me to push hard and get something done. He said if someone would've bet me a bag of Kit-Kats I probably would've done the same thing: crank up the Dream Theater, get loaded on coffee (even more than I usually do) and code like a madman.

I'm personally not one to pull code-fests every single second of the day. Frankly, I've never been that way: I love what I do, but I love doing other things as well, and I can't code and code and code. That's just not what I do. But every now and then cranking it up a notch or two to meet a challenge is fun, so long as the code doesn't suffer. Fortunately, this time around I knew what I had to do - it was just a matter of typing it all out (it wasn't like I was cowboying or anything - I think my code coverage was around 98%).

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