Had a weekend of mixed emotions. I found out my insurance won't pay for the fertility shots that Liz was going to start taking. We've been trying to get pregnant for about a year with no luck, and this was the next step. Unfortunately, these drugs are quite expensive and it's something we just can't afford, so that was a major downer. We thought about saving for the medication, but we've also had in the plan that if we didn't get pregnant we'd adopt, so we're thinking about starting down that road and skipping the medication entirely. We'd like to have our own, but most importantly we'd like to raise a child. Being adopted I can say that I'm very happy the way things turned out in my life, and I'd like to return the favor (so to speak).

On the plus side, we went down to Wisconsin for my nephew's graduation party. I went golfing with my father-in-law (Jack) on Saturday - shot a 47-41 at Olde Highlander in Oconomowoc from the blue tees. That made me feel pretty good. Seeing family members was also a plus (as always). I gave away free copies of my CIL book to Liz's immediate family. The best question was when Jack asked me, "so what is inheritance?" OK, I know there are short, easy answers to this one, but after 18 holes in the summer heat my brain wasn't working fast enough to come up with anything.

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