"Sola Scriptura", by Neal Morse

I just finished listening to "Sola Scriptura", by Neal Morse. As usual, it's Neal being musically brilliant, but...I hate to say it, but I was kind of bored listening to it. I really admire Neal and the musicians he gathered to play this music - they are extremely good, no doubt about it. But after I was done I thought...so? This sounds like every other Neal-based project I've heard from him recently. He's starting to get into a rut. Nothing really stuck out at me on this CD as memorable. I really liked "Testimony", because the songs were structured well and I remembered them. I really don't remember much from "One" or "?". This one falls into the same vein.

Again, I'm not questioning Neal's musical abilities. He's amazing. I also like his songwriting. It just feels repetitive, that's all. I hope that he starts to break away from the 70s progressive style to some degree and try different things. It's sounding like the same old stuff.

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