Might As Well Let the World Know (Or At Least Those Who Actually Read My Blog)

We're pregnant. 7 weeks along. Projected due date is Dec. 30th. Given our past history (1 for 4), I'm hesitant to think of success, but...well, hell, we've been through this a lot before, so might as let the secret out.

We also got a minor scare today - Liz has some spotting for a little while. Nothing serious, but they still wanted us to come in and check things out and all is still normal. It's weird - we found out 3 weeks ago, but since we have Hayden it really didn't hit me that much. Then tonight this happens and all of a sudden all the fears and worries kicked in again. Joy!

By the way, on the ride home we finalized a boy's name, but we're still working on a girl's name - specifically, a middle name for a girl. Suggestions are welcome.

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