Well, What Would You Do?

I saw this story from a Fark entry. Fark tags the story with "dumbass...for everyone involved." Oh, really? Honestly, I don't know how I would react, but if I heard her say that she was going to open the door, I'd try to restrain her so she couldn't even get to the door. But if I didn't notice until I saw her at the door fumbling with the latch, I'd stay in my seat - since I always have the seatbelt on I'd be safe from getting sucked out (depending on how close I was). Sorry, I'm not going to take the chance of running up to the door and having it open so I can take a one-way flight to the ground and my immediate death. It's one thing to see someone try to open the cockpit door and hijack the plane, it's quite another to see some idiot try to open the door and risk your life because someone wants to end theirs.

Sorry, Fark, you're usually on with your sarcasm but this was way off. I realize the "dumbass" tag is probably directed at the flight crew, but I'd be damned if I'm going to fall ass over tea kettle to stop someone from opening a airplane door when it's in the air. Let evolution take over and remove the moron from the gene pool.

The story also mentions that they're looking to see if "alcohol and prescription medication(s) were involved." Hmmmm...you think? I remember years ago when I was flying back from a TOOLS conference in 1999 from California to Wisconsin - me and a co-worker (Tony) were sitting next to each other and I (luckily) had the window seat. A woman in the seats across from us in the aisle was clearly drunk and would not shut up. She also had a couple of beers on the flight because she smoked and wanted to have a smoke and she was anxious so she was trying to calm down. That approach wasn't working. She was also annoying as hell. She kept on asking Tony what time it was because he had a watch on and she didn't have one. She kept bugging the guy in front of us who just so happened to be Willie Davis, an ex-Packer from the 60s, for an autograph. Tony tried to fake that he was sleeping, but then she just leaned over him to see the time. Finally, an attendant stopped serving her liquor and told her to stay in her seat.

I don't get it. Why do some people get so loaded on flights, and then act like complete asshats?

I also think about the fact that smoking used to be allowed on flights. Can you imagine what it must have been like to work in a small, closed, confined area that's hazy due to all the smoke? Ugh.

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