The CodeProject Needs a Cleanup

For a long time, The Code Project has been a source of good information. Unfortunately, I've noticed over the last year a slow but steady increase in their articles being...well, crap. Here's a good example. Um, please explain to me why in the world I'd run an MSI just to see your code? You've got to be kidding me - what's wrong with a ZIP file? The article is about cryptography - who cares that the application has different "skins"? And the article is just plain hard to read.

I don't mean to beat up on one submitter as it's a general problem with the site. I also realize that their articles can be published as "unedited". But somebody needs to start proofreading what get puts on the site - at least a quick read-through would help.

* Posted at 12.13.2004 03:44:11 PM CST | Link *

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