Future Talks and Events

I gave my security talk to the company I was supposed to give it to a couple of weeks ago. To be honest, I'm not sure how it went over, but personally I'm glad I did it. I didn't want all that work to go down the drain.

Next week Tuesday I'm giving my Reflection talk for the Wisconsin .NET User's Group (details can be found here). Since I'm actually on vacation next week I plan on looking a little relaxed at my talk.

Next Friday the Halo2 FragFest shiznit is going down, dawg. It's a "closed" party but if you know Mike and/or I or you've attended a FragFest or you're interested in showing up and you're not a blowhard asshat who says "i'm in ur base, blowin up ur n00biz" when you're playing the game while tea-bagging them, give a shout to Mike.

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