Unexpected PermCalc Behavior - Round 2

Last night I was trying to figure out why a .dll-based assembly (i.e. one that doesn't have an entry point defined) would automatically require UIPermission. As I was driving into work I thought that maybe the compiler was adding some kind of attribute to the assembly that would require it. The only thing that I found was buried in the manifest using ILDasm:

.subsystem 0x0003       // WINDOWS_CUI

When I wrote my CIL book I briefly touched upon flags like .subsystem. 0x0003 is for console applications, and this article states that console applications require UIPermission. That definitely sheds some light on what I'm seeing, but what doesn't make sense is why would a .dll-based assembly set that flag to a value used for console applications?

Here's a list of the values for IMAGE_SUBSYSTEM in winnt.h (which are used to define .subsystem):

#define IMAGE_SUBSYSTEM_UNKNOWN              0   // Unknown subsystem.
#define IMAGE_SUBSYSTEM_NATIVE               1   // Image doesn't require a subsystem.
#define IMAGE_SUBSYSTEM_WINDOWS_GUI          2   // Image runs in the Windows GUI subsystem.
#define IMAGE_SUBSYSTEM_WINDOWS_CUI          3   // Image runs in the Windows character subsystem.
#define IMAGE_SUBSYSTEM_OS2_CUI              5   // image runs in the OS/2 character subsystem.
#define IMAGE_SUBSYSTEM_POSIX_CUI            7   // image runs in the Posix character subsystem.
#define IMAGE_SUBSYSTEM_NATIVE_WINDOWS       8   // image is a native Win9x driver.
#define IMAGE_SUBSYSTEM_WINDOWS_CE_GUI       9   // Image runs in the Windows CE subsystem.
#define IMAGE_SUBSYSTEM_EFI_ROM              13
#define IMAGE_SUBSYSTEM_XBOX                 14

(By the way, I really like the XBox entry!). Just by reading this list, it seems like IMAGE_SUBSYSTEM_NATIVE would be a better choice for .dll-based assemblies. So I exported the IL from ILDasm, changed .subsytem to 0x0001, and ran ILasm on that .il file. Unfortunately, I still get the UIPermission showing up from permcalc.

The thing is, the permission is only for using the clipboard and only for sub-windows. I wonder if this is somehow automatically added in permcalc's analysis because it would be an extrememly common occurrence for public APIs. That still feels like a hokey explanation...

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