It's Just Ones and Zeros, Right?

I saw this post by Ted this morning. Generally, I agree with it, until the end, where I got a bit confused:

And just for the record, I would LOVE it if the Seattle Java community stormed the show and outnumbered the .NET talks. Email me and let's make it happen.

I've already sent a couple of topic ideas to this Code Camp, and I hope that I can get out and present, not only to do some presenting, but it's fun to meet others who do things in software development that I don't do. As cheesy as it sounds, learning is fun, and if possible I hope to watch presentations on Ruby, game programming, etc. Even if there were more Java presentations than .NET, I wouldn't care one bit. So long as the presentations are good, we're all learning, and that's a good thing.

That's why I don't understand why Ted would love it if there were more Java talks than .NET talks. Frankly, what would it matter? If somebody has a really cool topic where they use Java, or Ruby, or Python, or XML, who cares? I admit that I don't use Ruby or Java in my day-to-day activities. That doesn't mean they don't have merit; far from it, actually. In fact, I'd love to see some people talk about Smalltalk, or Eiffel - why should it just be Java or .NET?

It's all ones and zeros at the end, baby. The fun is in making them do cool things from point A to point B. I encourage people to sign up for this and any other code camp, no matter what the technology they use. And I wonder if the Twin Cities will ever have a code camp. Hmmmmmmmm...I wonder... :)

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