Flagged Links #21

"Recapturing Joy" - Wonderful, honest and very funny article on finding joy in programming. It's interesting to hear him call Lisp a "language-less language".

"Turning off #region and red squiggly lines" - I personally find these "features" annoying as well. Gotta update my .vssettings file!

"Oxite - Oh Dear Lord Why?!" - Seems like a lot of hate and vitriol is being spewed at Oxite. I have no opinion at the moment, but I find it weird when techies get their undies in a bundle over bits like this.

"Rotating Reversals" - This is a really freaky optical illusion.

"Overriding Dispose With Reflection.Emit" - Hmmm...I'm not sure if my DynamicProxies handles this cleanly. Time to add a work item!

"Loops, Conversions and Lambdas" - Nice discussion about the evolution of code based on new C# language features.

"EvoLisa: Optimizations and Improved quality" - GV keeps improving.

"Flow Charts" - It usually leads to installing FreeBSD.

"S#arp Architecture" - His comments on CSLA (which aren't positive) perked my interest. I hope he responds to my comment (which hasn't been approved yet).

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