Sad News

UPDATE: Here's an article about some of the things Don worked on. Interesting that he worked on the TYME architecture.

I found out yesterday that a friend of mine from my college days (Pete) lost his father (Don) late last week. Supposedly he was driving home from a business trip last Thursday and his heart gave out on him. If you've ever heard me tell you a story about a man I know who was in his 60s and still knew more about technology than most script kiddies out there, he's that guy. He really enjoyed what he was doing and his quiet passion for technology definitely influenced me. The last time I spoke to him was a couple of years ago - he was in the Twin Cities with a co-worker of his, working on unraveling an ASP.NET disaster and wanted to get my $0.02 on what was going. He was 64 at the time, and he was the one trying to figure out what he could do to get a .NET project back on track. He made an impact on how I approach my career and it was definitely sad news to hear he's no longer with us.

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