"World Trade Center"
Liz and I rented this movie Saturday night. Originally, I thought Stone was a really odd choice for this story about two guys who survived the collapse of the two Towers (they were only 20 people pulled from the wreckage and they were 18 and 19). Stone usually goes over the deep end with conspiracy theories and history re-writing in his movies, but he plays it straight up in this movie. Overall I enjoyed this movie a lot more than I thought I would (if "enjoyed" can be used to describe a movie based on an event that killed nearly 3000 people). Cage can really drive me nuts when he acts, but in this one he's believable. So are the rest of the characters. Overall, though, I would still recommend "United 93" over this one. "World Trade Center" seemed a bit too "slick" for me; "United 93" seems completely realistic and it's very gut-wrenching. But that's not to take anything away from "Center" - it's a strong movie that overall is worth watching.

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