What's the Best Way to Learn a Language?

I don't mean programming langauges, I mean spoken languages.

I've basically decided to spend time learning about genetic algorithms and evolutionary programming. I got my "course materials" all laid out last night (I'll share the details later). But I also want to look into learning a language. My target one is Swedish, primarily because I'm partly Swedish and I want to sound like that character from "The Muppets". Also, there's a guy at the local Magenic office who grew up in Sweden so I can use him as a TA of sorts (assuming he'll actually help out!).

But I have no idea where to start. I want to be able to actually speak it, not just read it. Any suggestions of tools that I can use that will help me out with this? I really can't take a course at a university - my schedule pretty much requires for me to be able to do this on my own time as much as possible. Please add a comment to this post with your ideas - thanks in advance!

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