Good Review of Halo 2 From Ars.Technica, and a Clarification on Cheating in Halo 2

Check it out here. Hmmmm...after a good night's sleep I want to get back into Halo 2 again! They must have added some subliminal messages in the game to keep you coming back.

Also, after reading about the standby modem cheat that is currently happening in Halo 2, I'm not so sure when the "cheat" is occurring. If you see the "blue screen of reinitialization" in a multiplayer game, that's sometimes a sign that somebody left the game, but that also seems to be an indicator that somebody is trying the cheat. However, I can't tell if someone is cheating when they running up to me, we're strafing each other, and then all of a sudden he's behind me and thunks me on the head. Maybe I don't get the standby cheat, but I'd find it hard to switch the modem, move around the guy, turn it back on, and kill 'em. The action is too fast-paced for that to happen, and it could just be a glitch (which happens in PGR2 - a guy will be driving on your left and all of sudden he's on your right). Maybe not, though. Last night I was in too many games where enemies were jumping all over the place and I had no chance at a shot (example: I was in a Ghost, an enemy was engaged with one of my teammates, and I flew over to help him out. I simply could not shoot the enemy - he was all over the place on the screen and I couldn't shoot him. I finally got lucky and splattered him, but it was extremely frustrating). Maybe Halo 2 has some networking issues that they have to resolve along with fixing the standby modem trick. I hope some patches are coming soon...

* Posted at 12.14.2004 01:21:15 PM CST | Link *

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