Atheism and Children

Check out this link for a humorous, biting, yet insightful look at raising a child without a belief in god. This seems very relevant to my current situation as I don't follow any religious practices and I have a baby on the way. I know that Liz and I dffer somewhat on the nature of religion, but we've discussed it many times and I think we're coming to some good compromises on what we want our children to understand. The whole article is worth reading, but I found this snippet particularly interesting:

And to me, instilling in my daughter an appreciation for the difference between evidence and opinion is a critical part of childrearing. So when I tell my daughter why I’m an atheist, I explain it is because I see no evidence for a god, a divinity, a big bearded mega-king in the sky. And you know something – she gets that.

'nuff said.

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