I So Hate DateTime

Well, some things are still not quite right on my site. I think I have it close enough that I can tolerate it for now, but...man, what a pain in the ass. Basically it has to do with trying to save stuff to UTC but showing it correctly...it's basically a huge mess. Looks like all my old blog times are messed up as well. Frankly, I don't care. I've put way too much time into it and right now I have something that I think works, and I'm leaving it. If old entries look off about 6 hours...oh well. I got other things to do. Can't mess around with it anymore.

What I also find funny is that my "last updated" value is showing up one hour ahead. Sigh...I think I know why, but...again, I don't care. I'll probably just remove it for now.

Stupid f-in UTC crap :(

* Posted at 04.22.2006 01:47:58 PM CST | Link *

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