Sigh...070-300 is Tomorrow

This is the one I hate. It took two attempts during my last MCSD tests to pass this (one failure and one success). I find this one to be the biggest joke of them all, and the biggest pain in the arse. I just don't think the same way Microsoft wants me to think to design a project. Being on a XP project has also warped my view so much from the MSF methodology. I also find the case studies rather humorous and somewhat ridiculous. I hope to pass tomorrow so I can be done with it, but I've been feeling rather crappy this week with a really bad sore throat. It's better today, but I just can't get myself motivated to study for it tonight. I have to - I really don't have a choice - but it's hard-going. There could be worse things in life, but I just dread this test.

* Posted at 05.05.2004 09:06:36 PM CST | Link *

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