Flagged Links #49

".NET 4.0 -- AssemblyBuilderAccess.RunAndCollect" - This is a big one - now dynamic assemblies created via Reflection.Emit can be GC'ed.

"Virtual code execution via IL interpretation" - Just read the post - it's way cool.

"Zero Punctuation: Velvet Assassin" - Zero gets straight to the point, as usual.

"Halo 3 Fails: Episode 20" - Fail-danger!

"JIT ETW tracing in .NET Framework 4" - If you're interested in tail call optimization in .NET 4.0, look no further.

"The Rise of the Milky Way" - This is beautiful.

"Check. This. Out. Amazing photo of the Sun…" - Yeah, those specks are the shuttle and the Hubble. Amazing.

"Axum Genetic Algorithm Example" - Concurrency and evolution - nice.

"How CLR maps SEH exceptions to managed exception types" - More exception knowledge in .NET is always a good thing.

"Why is AppDomain.AppendPrivatePath Obsolete?" - Good discussion on why you shouldn't use obsolete member if at all possible.

"The Conditional Weak Table: Enabling Dynamic Object Properties" - A specialized dictionary for .NET compiler writers.

"Channel 9 Video - Vance Morrison: CLR Through the Years" - I love ruminations like this.

"How Do You Deal With Exceptions?" - A good list of tips.

"A Technical Presenter's Journey: Part 4 – Be Confident but Humble" - These two points may seem a little contradictory, but I agree that you have to do both when speaking.

"Whack-A-Kitty" - This is beyond cute.

"In Foof We Trust: A Dialogue" - Adding a feature is not as simple as "just do it!" - in fact, it never is.

"PFX support in Visual Studio" - VS2010 will make concurrenct debugging so much easier.

"Loads cannot pass other loads, revisited" - But concurrent programming is still not trivial.

"Pregnancy Tips Of The Day" - Don't follow them, just laugh at them.

"How do you convince your boss to TDD" - Ultimately, it's up to the boss to change their mind. But as a developer, you must test your code.

"Native VHD support in Windows 7 and WS08 R2" - Virtualization gets better all the time.

"Compact Fail" - But this is a "Compact Win"!

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