Provocative Reading? Be Careful

While I respect Jeff Prosise as a developer and instructor and I respect his right to his opinion, I want my $0.02 said on Jeff's comments on Lee Strobel (I would've left a comment on his blog, but for some reason it's having problems right now). I've read Strobel in the past ("The Case for Christ") when I was a Christian, and I seriously doubt that Strobel wrote "The Case for a Creator" to make people think that there is a higher intelligence that created us. Personally, it sounds like a book he wrote as a gentle introduction to people who are doubting their beliefs to start believing in a creator to make it easier to convert to Christianity (believe me, I lived that life for a while and I know how things sometimes work in terms of evangelism).

For those who want another view of this book, here are some links .

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