NUnitAsp Hell May Just be Heck

After doing more digging on this issue, I think it has to do something with the pages that the client has made that NUnitAsp isn't handling correctly. I made a small app that simulates the cookie + redirect scenario, and, of course, that works. I did it both using NUnitAsp's Browser object as well as using HttpWebRequest and HttpWebResponse and all is well. I think there something subtle with this app - it's using an HttpHandler which my test application is not doing so I'll try to add that in as well. Even though the client and I have talked about this and we both agree it's best to just stop working on this and move on to other things come Monday, I don't like giving up and plus I'm just curious to figure out what the discrepancy really is so I'll try to find the source of the problem on my own time.

* Posted at 05.06.2005 05:17:25 PM CST | Link *

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