WiXing Out

Yesterday I decided to get the build script done. One of the requirements is that the deployment part of the build creates a MSI via WiX. I've never used WiX before, so I tried to go down the route of creating a MSI via a VS .NET Setup project, decompiling that via dark to get the .wxs, and then use candle and light to get the MSI. That didn't work :(. After some Googling, I found out that taking the decompiling dark route is not the way to go. So I ended up creating my own streamlined .wxs file, and then everything worked as expected. WiX seems like a cool set of tools to use during the Nant build process, and I hope I can invest more time into its' intricacies.

* Posted at 07.23.2004 08:18:20 AM CST | Link *

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