WTC Satellite Images

This past Sunday Discovery aired the "Inside the Twin Towers" show. It was very interesting, sad, and disturbing (the demonstration of the 2nd plane hitting the tower from the inside was a shock, and it was amazing that the guy they were interviewing survived the hit - guess the plane barely missed him). I decided to look up the images of the WTC site, and what I found was kind of weird. Here's the image I got from Google Maps:

Notice that the building aren't leaning the same way? It's easy to explain - the image must've been made by different satellite sweeps when the satellite was in different positions. It makes for an odd picture, though. Here's what it looks like via Virtual Earth:

This one is more consistent, but there's one building that's a little off (between Cedar and Albany St.).

I looked at this site, and it's hard to tell if anything is being done on the site for a memorial and new buildings, although it appears that progress is being made. I know I saw plans a year or two ago, but since then it's been quiet - it seems like the plans needed some refactoring. I really hope we rebuild there. It would be a tremendous tragedy if we let terrorists dictate what we can and cannot do with our land.

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