My 1d20 Just Rolled a Zero

First, Brett Favre retires, and now I find out that Gary Gygax died.

What a day :)

Actually, I haven't played D&D in over 10 years, and not steadily since high school. Of course, that means I did play it! It was a fun game to play; unfortunately, the "D&D == SATAN" crap was going around when I played it when I was a teenager. Some of my friend's parents were really scared that we were going to kill ourselves or each other or paint a pentagram with our blood or something really stupid like that. One kid's parents actually had bought him a "Christian" version of D&D, which required your character to say a bible verse instead of a spell. I always thought that was even more sinister than what was in D&D :).

We only played the game for about 6 months and then we moved on to other things, like drinking and girls :). But I loved the fantasy elements and it was fun to roll dice and act like we were getting gold and castles and shit. (And yes, we actually larped 2 times!). So it was a little sad to see the creator of it all pass away.

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