Snag With Comments

I've got a fair amount with adding comments to my site, but I just ran into a snag. My current idea is to store comments in an XML file, but the problem is that when I add a comment to a blog entry, the ASP.NET user doesn't have permissions to write to that file. The file is located in a subdirectory under the main v-dir, and, moreover, even if I can get it to work on my local box, that means nothing as I have to make sure it works via my hosting provider. I'm sure I'm missing something brutually obvious, and I have a plan B as I have some SQL Server space that I could use, but I'd like to use the file persistence approach if possible. Feel free to whack me upside the head if you have solutions to this issue.

* Posted at 01.03.2005 10:00:05 PM CST | Link *

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