Fun PEVerify Errors

I'm getting closer to releasing version 2.0 of my dynamic proxies assembly. Tonight I ran into a very odd PEVerify error: "[offset 0x0000002F] Unable to resolve token.". Which made me go, "HUH?!?", especially since I looked at the CIL over and over and over again, and everything looked just fine.

Of course, after a 1/2 hour of head-slapping, I saw the obvious problem. The interface the code is trying to use to call a method is internal, so, DUH, it can't resolve the token.

Solutions are always obvious after you figured out the problem :)

Actually, now that I think about it, this brings up a very interesting test case: what should I do when I'm faced with a public class that explicitly implements an internal interface? Right now my code will fail miserably with a verification error, and that's not acceptable.

* Posted at 10.27.2006 09:40:01 PM CST | Link *

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