More Quixo Engine Woes

Well, I'm finding more cases where my alpha-beta pruning engine is just not cutting it. Its evaluation numbers seem screwy and it completely missed an easy chance at a win, so I need to go back and figure out what's going wrong. But I'm really tired from the Halo2 fragfest tonight. Too much food and drink and I need to get to bed. I should've left earlier. It's funny - after a couple of hours I realized how boring Halo2 can be. I mean, I had fun playing with people, but it suddenly struck me just how dull the game gets. Yeah, yeah, there's tons of variations on the games itself, but I don't find a lot of interest in changing the weapon types for a CTF game. I'm thinking of shelving Halo2 completely. It's just not fun anymore, even at LAN parties.

* Posted at 04.16.2005 01:45:28 AM CST | Link *

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