Coding? What's That?

Lately I've been doing much less coding. My current gig is in the "envisioning" stage, where basically it's all about showing the client that we truly understand what needs to be done on the project. Not that this phase isn't "technical", mind you, but it's not about coding per se. I also haven't set time aside at night to blast through some coding ideas I've had.

I don't like being in this state. I eventually get to the point where I am right now, where I blog about it, shake my fist, and say, "damnit! I will find time to code!!" I don't think I'll ever give up coding. Not completely. That's where the fun least for me that's what I enjoy.

Time to put the list together and start diving into some things....after I play some Bioshock, of course!

* Posted at 12.12.2008 03:34:36 PM CST | Link *

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