Halo Party and...Ow, My Back!

Last Saturday night I went over to a fellow Magenic employee's house and played Halo for four hours. We only had 4 guys total, but this was my first time playing Halo with other people, and I had a blast. I did good in the game where you have to hold the skull for 2 minutes and my partner and I rocked during "Capture the Flag," but the other games I didn't do so well. But I had fun, and that's what counts.

Last night was no fun, though. About three weeks ago, I hurt my lower back shoveling some snow. It went away after a week, but last night during weightlifting I seriously threw it out. Major pain. I could hardly walk out of the gym. Fortunately, Liz was there so she drove us home and was able to help me get around the house. I hate feeling helpless, even a little bit. When you can't even bend over to take your sock off, that's not fun. Fortunately, I feel better this morning, although I'm still very stiff and I have to shuffle when I walk (I probably look funny when I'm walking).

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