Today I twittered that we should use "LOLI" (the "I" is for "Internally"). That's because we really don't "laugh out loud". Nor do we usually "roll on the floor" in the literal sense.

Then I read Aaron's blog post.

What's funny is that I usually "laugh out loud" at home, and a fair amount of times at work.

And it's even cuter that Hayden is getting a sense of humor. Yesterday he had to get out of the little pool we have to come and eat dinner. He protested a bit, but he finally got out. He wanted to make sure the pool was staying put, so he said, "the pool is going to stay in the water...", then he stopped in his tracks, got a silly grin on his face, and laughed. He realized that he twisted his words around and he even said, "that was funny, Dad!"

Then later in the day I fired up PGR4 and let him drive a bit. He still doesn't quite get it, but he's getting better. During the racing, I told him (over and over :) ) to steer, and I saw him turn the controller like a steering wheel. I said, "no! not the controller!!" and we both burst out laughing.

I may come across as a bit stoic at times, but frankly, I'm more emotional that I probably come across. Humor, sadness...doesn't matter. The older I get, the more I realize that it's better to be honest with myself and just let it go.

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